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NISRIE Project Team

Comprised of economists, rural enterprise researchers and data analysts - the NISRIE team has a wealth of experience to deliver outputs based on insights on rural economies in Scotland.

The NISRIE Project Team

The project team is composed of colleagues across SRUC and SAC Consulting, bringing together a wealth of experience in economics and data analysis


Steven Thomson

NISRIE Project Lead


Dr Jane Atterton

Manager and Policy Researcher


Dr Ian Merrill

Research Fellow


Dr Pattanapong Tiwasing (Oak)

Researcher in Rural Enterprise


Jenny McMillan

Research Associate


Lorna Pate

Research Associate


Mark Lawson

Research Data Scientist

Latest from NISRIE team

News, updates, reports and data relating to Rural and Island economy research

2023 Rural and Islands Report

2023 Rural & Islands Report

2023 report providing novel insights on Scotland's rural & island economies & communities

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What is NISRIE?

Project Lead Steven Thomson explains what NISRIE is and its aims and objectives (12 mins)

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What is the Rural Exchange?

Project Leader Jane Atterton offers insight into the Rural Exchange (10 mins)

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